How much does a regular session cost?

Each treatment session, initial appointment and follow-up, is 75 min and costs $155. During the initial appointment, a comprehensive intake is taken to establish the patients history prior to hands-on assessment and treatment.

What can I expect from a treatment session?

Each treatment session is unique to each patient. An osteopathic therapist assesses and treats in each session based on what the patient presents on that day. See the ‘info’ page for more information.

Is it covered by insurance?

Some companies do cover Osteopathic Manual Therapy. Check with your insurance company to see if you can receive coverage.

What do I need to bring with me to a treatment session? 

As much information can be gained by visual assessment and palpation, it is ideal if patients wear the following:

Men: Shorts and a T-shirt (or no shirt)
Women: Shorts, or yoga pants and bra or sports bra (or a loose fitting tank top)

How often should I see an Osteopathic Therapist?  

This is situationally dependent but typically there would be about 2-4 weeks between follow up sessions.  The body needs time in between each session to integrate and adapt to the changes from a treatment session. 

How should I feel after a treatment?  

The time for symptom relief is dependent upon the person. Some people may respond faster or slower to the treatments depending on what their body requires to address the underlying issues. Osteopathic Therapists do not “fix” the patient, they help the patient address the root causes of dysfunction in order to help them find their health.